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Hilarity...and Hypnosis!

  As a hypnosis professional and life coach, I have dedicated my life to helping my clients "trance-form" their lives as quickly as possible.  As an internationally touring stand up comedian for 18 years, I have found there is no better training in finding "the light" in the darkest of situations than stand up comedy.

If you're laughing at yourself and what you've been through, you can not be depressed, anxious, sad, fearful, guilty, lonely, or angry at the same time.  I use my training as a hypnotist to uncover the belief systems that keep you stuck.  I use my training as a comedian to disintegrate those bad belief systems with laughter. 

Your sessions will be interactive experiences, custom tailored on the fly to your needs at any given moment.  Using 50+ behavior change modalities and my sense of humor, you'll find yourself laughing while getting life changing results, as soon as your first session.

Self-employed since 1996, I'm used to thinking "outside the box" to make life happen for myself.  A lifelong, highly creative problem solver, my clients find my attitude towards life's challenges to be refreshingly optimistic...and fun!

My style of hypnosis and hypnotherapy is not for everybody, so let's spend a few minutes getting to know each other and see if we're a good match. 

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Trancing with the Stars

Silent Disco meets Hypnosis...under the stars!  Imagine...drifting away...finding quiet and peace within.  Enjoy an empowering and inspiring guided meditation / hypnosis session on top of an ancient Indian mound on beautiful Boca Ciega Bay in St Petersburg, Florida.  Feel weightless while enjoying your experience from one of our zero-gravity chairs.   Fully immerse yourself in the experience with silent disco headset to minimize distractions and allow for social distancing.  Relish in the lush landscape and history of Sacred Lands on beautiful Boca Ciega Bay, the site of an ancient Tocobago Indian village in St Petersburg, Florida.  

Your Trancing with the Stars session will take you on a relaxing journey, finding peace and empowerment within.  Participants will come away with 3 ways to manage stress in the real world as well as one of the most unique experiences to be found in the Tampa Bay Area.

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