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Hypnotherapy for Swinger, Nudist, BDSM, LGBTQA, Poly, Kink, and Fetish Enthusiasts

Hello!  If you're looking for a swinger, nudist, kink, fetish, BDSM, LGBTQA+ friendly hypnotherapist, you found her!  I help my clients get the most out of their sexual experiences.   Maybe you have a kink or fetish that is out of control and getting in the way of your personal life.  Maybe your work or family life is out of control and getting in the way of you enjoying your sex life.   Perhaps you endured a traumatic sexual experience that is now preventing you from enjoying sex with your partner. 


Unlike many Hypnotherapists who say they are "Sex Positive," I didn't learn what I know from a book or a program.  I actually have a passion for these lifestyles, embracing and living many of them.  My experience is first hand.   There is no judgment here, just a caring, creative, and compassionate hypnotherapist who gets that you live and breathe in this world a little differently, and wants you to be happy.


Clients I've Worked With

It's much easier to explain who I've helped and how, than to tell you what it is I do.  Each client has a unique set of circumstances.  Every session I do is completely custom tailored to their needs.

These are just a FEW of the clients I've helped.

Confidence Issues

My client wanted to explore the swinging lifestyle, but didn't have the confidence to ask women to have sex with him.   I helped him overcome his confidence issues with hypnotherapy.  A few years later, I bumped into him at a club, and he asked me out!   

(I respectfully declined, but the next lady took him up on his offer!)

Sexual Trauma

One of my clients experiencing severe abdominal pain when she had sex.  X-rays, MRI's, and multiple doctors found nothing.  In our session, I discovered she had been raped multiple times as a child.  I worked through each of the bad memories until they were "clear," and she could experience sex without pain.

Help for Swingers

My client had been monogamous for 35 years.  He wanted to try swinging with his wife.  He had trouble having sex with a condom, with a new partner, and with others in the room.  I hypnotized him so he could enjoy protected sex,with a new partner, anywhere!


One of my clients enjoyed threesomes, however, his partner would get jealous.  I worked with "him" on being able to get past "the jealous look" he got from his partner, and I worked with "her" to overcome self esteem issues that began in childhood.

Guilt & Shame

I had a client who really wanted to enjoy the gay leather lifestyle.  He would sign up for an event, but then he'd end up staying home due to the guilt and shame he felt, and out of fear someone would find out. Through hypnotherapy, we discovered the internal conflict, and worked through it.  

Erectile Dysfunction

One of my clients experienced sexual difficulties, due to an out of control fetish and extremely high self expectations in the bedroom.  I was able to determine the cause and then work with the client to balance the fetish and self expectations, and to shift his focus to enjoyment instead of "results."

Hypno-Slave Reprogramming

A client wanted me to "un-do" some hypnotic suggestions a former owner had given her.  He created suggestions beholding her only to him, and then they broke up.  I un-did his programming, and gave her new triggers which she could share with whomever she choses.  

Kink & Fetish

I had a client with an adult baby diaper fetish, and wanted to lose weight.  I tied his fetish with his desire to lose weight, and gave him suggestions to eat baby- sized meals and drink his water out of a baby bottle.

Domestic Violence

One of my clients was abused by her husband while she was pregnant 20+ years ago.  I helped her work through the abuse so she was no longer triggered by the thought of it.  In the process of helping her find peace, I helped her connect in a new way with the son that she was carrying when this happened.

Coping With An Abortion

One of my clients was in an interracial relationship and got pregnant.  Her family pushed her to get an abortion.  The father of her baby was killed in a war shortly after.  I worked with my client on mentally repairing the relationship with the baby, the father, and her family.

Master/Slave Relationships

I had a client who loved worshipping his wife and wanted to be a slave to her 24/7.  I coached him to put time limits on their play, and then did 2 recordings to help him stay in the slave mindset.

Sexual Abuse & Torture

One of my clients was sexually abused by an authority figure at school, then was subjected to watching disturbing acts of violence "so she'd keep quiet."  The memories came out 15 years later.  I helped the client make peace with her horrific memories and most importantly, with herself.

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