You were meant to fly. What's holding you back?

We help our clients realize their highest potential, goals and dreams by identifying, acknowledging, and then healing their conflicting thoughts, learned behaviors and emotional barriers, through the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, and/or Hypnotherapy, IN THE SHORTEST AMOUNT OF TIME POSSIBLE.

It’s time for you to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Imagine living the life you’ve been dreaming about


Wings Hypnosis hypnotists can help you feel better about yourself in your first session. Our hypnotists are trained in multiple modalities, and will employ one or more of them to have you feeling better... READ MORE


Stop smoking, stop drinking, binge eating, and porn addiction are just a few of the habits we help our clients break. We help find the cause of the habit and addiction, then work towards healing and replacing the habit or addiction with something positive and healthy... READ MORE


Afraid of speaking in public? Snakes? Driving over bridges? Fear of success, or failure? These are just a few of the phobias are clients have approached us about fixing. We find the root cause of the fear, and help our clients work towards self-empowerment...READ MORE


Do you want to be a better spouse, parent, partner, manager, co-worker, or team player? Perhaps you want to mend your broken heart or need help coping with the loss of a loved one. Wings Hypnosis can help you become the ideal partner for your situation, or help you heal from a loss... READ MORE


Overcome challenges, achieve goals. Whether you want to lose 50 lbs, become the top salesperson for your company, or run a marathon, Wings Hypnosis can help you find the blocks that are holding you back, and lock in suggestions that propel you to victory... READ MORE


Whether you want to lose or gain weight, manage chronic pain symptoms, reduce stress, and become a healthier you, Wings Hypnosis can create a plan to help you become the next best version of you... READ MORE

Hello! I'm Traci


With over 1500+ hours and numerous certifications already, I consistently add 150-200+ hours of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy education to her training each year.

Every session is personalized to meet your needs at the given time of service. You may not be the same person you were the week before, so an entirely different session may be in store for you with every appointment. I find the best way to work together with you so we can achieve your goals in the shortest time possible.

Wings Hypnosis, LLC welcomes and honors ALL genders regardless of orientation, political and religious affiliation, and belief systems. Every session is free of judgment. If you believe that Catholic, albino lesbians rule the world by tossing mint green rubber duckies at everyone, then that’s the framework I work within. No request is too OUT THERE. This is your life! It’s time for you to become the person you’ve always wanted to be, and my job is to get you to being that person!

Traci Kanaan
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Hypnosis & NLP Classes

Change your mind, change your life! Successful people think differently than unsuccessful people. Take one of our NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming or Hypnosis classes so you can make positive changes in your life.


Sensuality Series

These classes are for sexually adventurous adults who want to learn different ways to spice up their personal lives.  Topics include  swinging, BDSM (bondage, discipline, sado-masochism), and polyamory (many loves).


Chinese Face Reading

Chinese face reading is the ancient art of using the features, lines and shapes of the face to gain insight into a person’s personality and health.  Our classes teach you these tools to build rapport, talk to anyone, and increase sales.


Punch UP! Your Presentations

These classes are for people who give presentations for a living and want to maximize their impact and profit with humor.  Learn the secrets of stand up comedians, and punch up your confidence and bottom line at the same time.

What Our clients say

We have known Traci for many years. My wife and I are both professionals and, when we started to inquire about the “Lifestyle”, we knew absolutely nothing about it. Equally, discretion was both a concern and a must for us because we are a high profile couple in our community. I read Traci’s profile, texted her, and asked if my wife and I could get some beginner-advice. Traci immediately said yes and invited us to dinner, over which we asked many questions and were provided with sound advice as to navigating into the Lifestyle. Over the years, we continually have bounced things off-of Traci and she has always given us timely and sage advice.
Sarasota, FL

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Wings Hypnosis, LLC welcomes and honors ALL genders regardless of orientation, political and religious affiliation, and belief systems.  
Every session is free of judgment.

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