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Welcome to the hilarious hypnotist Podcast. I'm Traci Kanaan, your hostess of hypnosis, and I'm a certified hypnotist and hypnotherapist and a former internationally touring comedian. For years I've been using hypnosis to help my clients become the next best version of themselves. One day, I started combining my hypnosis with the skills I learned performing stand-up comedy, and BOOM, I was breaking the traumas that kept disempowering my clients with lightning speed.

There is nothing I love more than using hypnotic techniques to uncover the deepest, darkest secrets that haunt my clients every day of their lives, and then being able to use comedy to flip it around so they see their lives, and most importantly, themselves in a very different light. Spend some time walking in the footsteps of my clients, and watch how I work to change their life And maybe even your life using two of the most powerful forces for change, hilarity, and hypnosis.

I am your host, Tracy Kanaan, and welcome to The Hilarious Hypnotist podcast.

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