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Session with "Stan"

"Stan" approached several other therapists about his issue; although he identifies as a straight male, "Sam" enjoys being very submissive to other men. Every therapist he spoke to told him he needed to admit he's gay and just be done with it. "Sam" kept searching, and found my hypnosis profile on a fetish website. During his consultation, I kept asking questions about his issue. Not only was Sam stopping himself from participating in "the hottest thing ever" to him, he was spending a lot of money reserving hotel rooms to attend these parties and then not going because of the guilt and shame he felt afterwards.

I don't care if my clients identify as straight, gay, bi, lesbian, queer, etc. I do have a problem with guilt and shame though. In exchange for a session, "Sam" allowed me to record his session. His identity is blurred and his voice is altered to protect his identity.

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