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The YES Mentality 101

The Top Four Reasons Why Being Positive Keeps You Going

We are all naturally drawn to optimistic and enthusiastic individuals or parties. Both in our private life or in the workplace. A safe, happy, passionate, and intellectually engaging environment enhances our own levels of energy and trust.

A recent study conducted by Gallup-Healthways, reported that, “Those who devote themselves to socializing between six to seven hours per day, showed that 54% experienced more enjoyment and happiness when spending time with others. Extreme stress and worry were dropped down to five percent.“ If the people or environments in your life are dragging you down, follow the list below to start getting to a “yes” mentality:

BEING POSITIVE – While it is perfectly normal to have an off day, it is imperative to try and stay positive. If we tell ourselves that things will not work out, our brains will accept that information as factual. Remind yourself that you want to be approachable and upbeat.

Dr. Isha Gupta, a neurologist from IGEA Brain and Spine explains, “A smile spurs a chemical reaction in the brain, releasing certain hormones including dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine increases our feelings of happiness and serotonin releases stress.” Try looking in the mirror. Do you want to talk to that person? Now try smiling to yourself. The face you see is yours and is more approachable.

BE PROACTIVE in your life – When depression starts to take over, we find it harder to complete tasks. By completing small tasks, your brain has the chance to check that off your to-do list, allowing for relief. Start doing necessity tasks earlier in the day when you are feeling most awake and energetic. Use your evenings to be proactive in your personal hobbies. Do you love to read or sew? Set yourself up with a hot cup of tea and allow yourself the downtime to reset. Not only does this give your mind and body a chance to catch up with itself but gives you an overall sense of completion.

USING THE WORD “YES” TO YOUR ADVANTAGE – If your boss has come to you for a project and you start to feel overwhelmed, ask for help. Explain to a co-worker that you really want to do a good job and include them as part of your ‘yes’ team. Tackling a task together creates a strong game plan. Knowing you have support from others brings on a more positive outcome. A study conducted recently from the Powerful Workplace Collaboration Statistics and Facts reported, “Roughly 75% of employees regard collaboration and teamwork as important.” By practicing and implementing positive affirmations during your workday, will also affect your personal life.

BEING OPTIMISTIC – When life events take a downturn, it is only natural to feel it mentally. While it might seem unattainable to be optimistic about a situation, try to find some silver lining. If the job you wanted turned you down, do not take it personally. Tell yourself that something better will come along. Maybe the hours were wrong for your schedule, or the company does not give benefits. These are not the reasons to feel it inside yourself. Remember that your skills and knowledge will be needed elsewhere. Try writing down your attributes. Include these in your profile and daily conversations with others. By being more positive about your outcomes, your own mood will follow suit.

In conclusion – Being positive takes practice and patience. We cannot predict each day and the outcome, but we can predict how we react to it. As Author and Poet Dr. Seuss once claimed, “You are off to great places, today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so go get on your way.”

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