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The Weight You Carry Is Not Always On Your Body

Some years ago, I met a lady who was a Chinese medicine physician. We met at Hypnothoughts and struck up a conversation about how we use hypnosis. She mentioned that she used hypnotic techniques to ask her patients what their symptoms and personal history were. She noticed she had a several clients that had various pains in their breasts, or undetected breast cancer. In nearly all cases, these women had “mommy issues,” miscarriages, abortions, and/or given up babies for adoption. Her clients with endometriosis were often sexually abused. Clients with heart issues struggled with relationships. Clients with foot issues are stuck in the past and afraid to move forward in their lives. Clients with obesity had trouble processing emotions. I picked up several books about physical ailments and how what’s going in your mind may have a lot to do with it and was amazed that she was pretty spot on in her assessments.

People have unfortunate circumstances in their lives, and when they don’t know how to deal with them, the nerve impulses from that experience have to go somewhere. Most often it travels to the corresponding place in the body where the pain took place. Sometimes the pain is immediate, sometimes it goes away after time, and sometimes the pain develops over long periods of time. When the initial event happened and when someone noticed their pain, they didn’t connect the two. It went unresolved and untreated, until one day the person has to acknowledge something is wrong. They go to the doctor who gives them medication to make “the pain” go away. Sometimes the meds work. Sometimes, the pain never goes away because the real pain is still unresolved and in their head.

I think back now to some of the many pains my parents experienced when I was growing up. I checked each of their symptoms in my books and bingo! Each parent experienced at least 70-80% of what was written about their particular pain, when it wasn’t 100%. I began looking up my own pains…and boom! Same thing. I started doing the same with my clients in my sessions, and they are amazed at the connections that are made within 15 minutes of their first appointment.

As advanced medicine, insurance companies, and government continue to “re-shape” our health care system, we are going to have to learn to take care of ourselves above and beyond what medicine can do. If we learn to take care of our minds instead of using our bodies as shock absorbers for our nervous system, visits to the doctor will logically decrease over time, mostly needed thing for accidents and true emergencies.

Approaching each one of my clients as a puzzle, and learning the connections between body and mind makes what I do so rewarding. I love re-connecting people’s minds with their bodies so they can deal with problems that happened long ago. I’ve learned that bodies store and replay past issues as a means of survival. It caused pain in the past, so your body wants to make sure it avoids those pains in the future so it replays past events as a constant reminder. The constant reminders become too much to hold within, and it starts affecting their personal and professional lives. Then they call me wondering if they’re crazy! I help my clients make peace with past events and honor what happened, so they can then reaffirming the lessons learned and free their mind, and eventually their bodies, from the memories that previously held them captive.

If you’d like to understand how your ailments are connected to your mind, give me call! You just don’t know the weight of what you’ve been carrying until you feel the release.

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