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The Secret to Sabotaging Your Success

14 years before we were married, my husband Doug was a contestant on The Wheel Of Fortune. The episode aired March 3rd, 2009. He won $3900 for about 10 hours of work. We recently had some friends over and watched the show. Doug was telling us about the auditions, how he had to get clearance from work to be on the show, and how people who showed up in Christmas sweaters for the December taping, were requested to change as these shows wouldn’t air until March. As he was telling us about his experience, he said he had 2 fears of being on the show: “Losing A Turn,” and getting “Bankrupt.” He did both.

When he spun the wheel, he would say “Don’t lose a turn, don’t go bankrupt,” instead of “Come on big money!” or “Bahamas here I come!” We both know now what he’d done back then. He focused all of his attention on what he didn’t want. The Law of Attraction doesn’t understand negatives, so it delivered on “don’t lose a turn” and “bankrupt.”

All too often my clients come in my office with what they don’t want.

They don’t want to be stressed out.

They don’t want family conflicts and fights.

They don’t want to worry about not having enough money.

Where attention goes…energy flows! And they spend considerable amounts of time stressed out over, fighting with family, and worrying about not having enough money.

When I performed comedy, I would often find myself beating myself up that I was a horrible comedian, because 1 guy in the front row sat through the entire show with his arms crossed and never broke a smile. And then I’d get off stage and sell merchandise and get hugs from 50 people that loved my show. But that ONE guy…

When I got married last weekend, I found myself a little sad that my parents couldn’t attend the wedding, because they had passed on. When I decided to focus on the 250 RSVPs from people who could be there and wanted to be there…it became a whole different wedding! We had a blast, and we are still getting compliments on how our wedding was one of the funniest and fun weddings they’d ever been to!

So…the secret to sabotaging your success…is to dwell on what you don’t want or don’t have.

Stressed out? Remind yourself how stressed out you are.

Family fighting? Keeping reminding yourself how your family is always fighting. Make sure you ruminate on EVERY fight you’ve ever had with EVERY family member.

Worried about not having enough money? That’s right! Keep reminding yourself how irresponsible you are, how you don’t make enough, and how you’ll never have enough money to do anything you want.

If you want to change the stress in your life, focus your attention on activities that leave you feeling calm, peaceful, and serene.

If you want to stop the family conflicts and fights, focus your attention on family members and friends that you actually enjoy being with. (If you miss the fighting - better check in with yourself to see why you miss the fighting!!!!)

If you want to avoid those money worries, focus your attention on attracting wealth, learning skills so you can earn more, and spend your time learning money management and/or investing.

Change your focus on the positive, and notice how your life improves!

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