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The Benefits of Vitamin "H"

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

I’m tired of Covid. There, I said it. After two years of masks, vaccines, quarantines, and “science,” we are no closer to “flattening the curve” than we are to seeing Dolly Parton wear an AA bra. I’m not going to quote all kinds of life and death stats, survival percentage rates, and why you should or should not get vaccinated. Nor am I going to recommend taking supplements, losing weight, quitting smoking, or any of those other things your doctor would tell you. You’ve formed your opinions about Covid, and so have I.

There is one thing, however, that never seems to be mentioned. Among the endless conversations about what everyone needs to do in order to avoid getting Covid, no one ever mentions the important of taking care of your mind. Thinking happy thoughts, or taking a daily dose of Vitamin "H," is crucial to staying healthy.

There are many amazing correlations between happiness and illness. Happy people don’t get sick as much as unhappy people. People who manage stress well tolerate illness much better than those who stress constantly. People who have something to live for tend to power through sickness better than those who have lost their will to live.

I try to educate my clients that what they think about, is what they become. Every thought you have, positive or negative, resides in your body. If you think predominantly good, happy thoughts, you’re much more likely to be healthy. If you think predominantly negative thoughts, you’re much more likely to become ill. People who think good, happy thoughts have a greater tendency to stay healthy and quickly overcome a virus like Covid. Someone who consistently thinks they are worthless, a loser, and no one will ever love them is much more likely to get sick and will take longer to recover.

Think of the time before Covid, when you got all stressed out over something and then you got a cold or the flu…it’s the same thing. Nothing fights disease and illness better than Vitamin H, Vitamin Happy!

Each day this week, spend a few minutes writing down what’s good in your life. Maybe it’s time to set a goal for yourself or just treat yourself to a massage. Take some time to review those good memories. Remind yourself you’re a good person, and tell those that are important to you how much you love them. If you’re looking for one more way to protect you from covid that doesn’t require a mask, a shot, or a pill, try a daily dose of Vitamin “H.”

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