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Taking Back Your Power

Last year I began taking a series of courses with Robert G. Smith who teaches Eutaptics, which is a brilliant combination of Hypnosis, NLP, and Tapping.  I love his combination of these techniques because it gets results very quickly, but more importantly, I get to use my sense of humor in order to help my clients get those changes.  I completed my Level 1 Eutaptics Training last week, and look forward to starting Level 2 in July. I want to share with you one of the lessons I took to heart while going through my Level 1 training, and that is The Upper and Lower Models of the World.

The Lower Model of the World is where most people operate, and is the inability to take responsibility for your actions.  Thought patterns consistent with the Lower Model of the World are

“It’s everyone else’s fault but my own.”  

“I’m this way because the entire universe is against me.”  

“I’m this way because I came from a dysfunctional family.”

“I’m this way because I was bullied in school.”

One of the guys I dated in the past blamed his idiot behavior because “He was born a Scorpio.”  I finally had to tell him, “Joe, maybe it has nothing to do with you being a Scorpio, and everything to do with you being an asshat?”  He laughed, admitted he was an asshat, and then blamed me for our break up that night. LOL

Ever need more examples why you are the way you are?

Check the news!

It’s white people’s fault why I’m not more successful.  It’s black people’s fault why I’m not more successful.  It’s brown people’s fault why I’m not more successful. It’s Trump’s fault I’m not more successful. It’s Biden’s fault I’m not more successful.

Even your doctor will tell you why you’re a mess.

You’re not more successful because you have Attention Deficit Disorder, Hyper Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Dementia, Menopause, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and/or whatever else is trending that day.

I'm not here to down play people's issues, but to illustrate that people often become so obsessed about finding out what’s wrong with them, they forget to look inside themselves for the answer.

When you live your life in the The Lower Model of the World, there isn’t much of a need to try and make your life better. If it’s someone else’s fault, and you’re off the hook…until sitting in your own misery becomes to unbearable.

In contrast to The Lower Model of the World, is The Upper Model of the World. It’s the idea that “Regardless of the situation, I take responsibility for all of my actions.”

“Maybe someone else started this chain of events, but this is how I will react.”

“The entire universe is against me, but I will continue to take the high road.”

“Maybe I came from a dysfunctional family, but HOW can I use this experience to become a better parent and a better person?”

“Maybe I was bullied in school, but HOW can I take that experience and become a better person?”

“Maybe white/black/brown people are the problem, but what CAN I do to make a better life for myself?”

“Maybe Trump/Biden are horrible leaders, but what CAN I do to make my life better while they’re in office?

“Perhaps I have attention span difficulties, but what CAN I do to get where I want to be?”

The difference is in the quality of what you say to yourself. It’s everyone else’s fault” is a very different thought process than “How can I make this better?”

One of the most remarkable people I ever met was a young man named Pedro Pimenta.  Pedro has no arms and legs, and gets around quite well with two prosthetics for legs and two more prosthetics for arms.  When I met Pedro, he was with a group of friends on the rooftop of the apartment building I was living in at the time.   My friend and I were up there sharing a bottle of vodka over a breakup (that was someone else’s fault).  She saw him, told me she was sure he was a US veteran that had survived a Gulf War land mine, and had enough liquid courage in her to wander over and ask him “What happened to you?”  Everyone got quiet.  I was so embarrassed. It’s my policy to never ask anyone “What happened?” because I know that question causes people to relive whatever Hell they went through, deepening the neural pathways of the tragedy.  Pedro didn’t even blink an eye. He politely said “I contracted bacterial meningitis when I was 18. A flesh eating bacteria did this.”

I’ve seen a lot of things in my days, but I gotta admit, I didn’t see that plot twist coming!

He told part of his story there, and the rest I discovered watching his YouTube videos.  After the amputation of his limbs, his doctors said he was destined to live the rest of his life in bed, and would need to be assisted by someone for the rest of his life. Had Pedro lived in The Lower Model of the World, he could have looked at this saying “Life is so unfair.”  “I was having a great life until THIS happened.”  “I’ll never be independent again.”  “Poor me, my life is over.”

Pedro CHOSE to live in The Upper Model of the World. I’m sure after long reflection, he decided to take responsibility for his situation and was determined to make his life as good as it could possibly be.  He went from doctor to doctor asking “What can be done to help me be independent?”  Several doctors told him “There’s nothing I can do, you’ll always have to have someone take care of you.” His answer? “Not good enough. Next.” After meeting with 2 or 3 doctors, he found a team in Oklahoma that said they’d try, and began fitting him with prosthetics.  He literally went from saying goodbyes on his deathbed to eventually being able to run a 5K triathlon 10 years later.  He’s now an internationally touring motivational speaker, and has inspired thousands of other young amputees to be their best in spite of their circumstances. THAT is the power of living in The Upper Model of the World.

When I began studying The Lower vs Upper Models of the World 6 months ago, I took a long look at myself, and realized I was living in both worlds.  There were some aspects of my life where I was bitter because the results I was getting were someone else’s fault.  There were other aspects of my life I took complete ownership of, because I took full ownership and was proud of what I’d done.  Interestingly enough, I attributed my shortcomings to someone else’s fault, but was first in line to own my successes!  I decided to live every aspect of my life in The Upper Model of the World, and began taking the necessary steps to improve myself.  I read, I learned, I educated myself.  I made several major life changes that I wouldn’t have dared consider before. Once I began making these changes, particularly in my finances and in how I thought of my past, a whole new world has opened up. Numerous life opportunities presented themselves to me.  Projects that got put on hold for years were finally getting done. I have to say…it’s a new life and I’m loving it.

If you’d like to learn more about how to take your power back, don’t hesitate to give me a call!  Your Wings are waiting.

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