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Pay It Forward

A few weeks ago, I was selected to present at Hypnothoughts 2021 in July/August. It's one of the largest Hypnosis conferences in the country. They receive hundreds of submissions to speak, and I am honored to have been selected. Every now and then, the conferences hosts put out a "challenge" for all of the hypnotists to participate in.

Here's the challenge: Post a video on how Hypnothoughts Live has impacted the way you approach hypnosis: because of introductions to people you admire and respect, techniques you've learned or relationships you've made. Include, how you intend to Pay It Forward to clients or other hypnotists.

The prize is to win the chief organizer's hotel room suite - which I then get to giveaway - because this IS a "pay it forward" challenge. I decided to enter, and submitted the video below.

I'd like to offer a similar challenge to my friends and clients, only I'd like to "pay it forward" with you! Post a video (5-10 minutes) sharing how your life has improved because of your experience with Wings Hypnosis.

The winner gets to "gift" a Frozen Ice Bubble package (4 hours / $385 value) to anyone in the world they choose. It's that simple! Please email your links to FYI: By submitting a video, you agree to allow me to post it and tag yourself on social media.

I'll pick the winner on February 15th. Pay it forward...and share the love!

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