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Ikigai, Joy & Life Purpose

  I should eat vegetables.

I should read more. 

I should go back to school.

I should play fewer video games.

I should...I should...I should...

I noticed that I was spending my life in thoughts of "I should..." instead of "What do I truly enjoy?" and "What is my life's purpose?" People I've known in the past always struggled because they truly believe life is supposed to be hard and unfair.  Other people I've known enjoy life to the fullest and spend their time pursuing joy.  Some weeks ago, I found an article on Ikigai, the Japanese philosophy on life fulfillment. 

Basically, Ikigai asks 4 questions:

What is my element? With what activities do I experience flow? What do you find easy to do? What did you like doing when you were a kid?When you find yourself doing activities you enjoy and flow in, you find yourself enjoying life more.  When you find yourself following your life's purpose, then you find your life more meaningful.  What activities do you enjoy doing?  What activities would make your life more enjoyable and fulfilling? Please enjoy the entire article on Ikigai The photo below I took at WhimzeyLand in Safety Harbor.  This couple surrounds themselves and their house with their art, and they enjoy teaching and sharing their art with others.  Ikigai!

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