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Happy Hours - Making Time For Yourself

After last week’s goal setting blog, I set some pretty big goals for myself. And then I looked at my schedule to see when I could work on those goals. And it hit me…I have a real problem!

I have not scheduled any time to work on things that are important to me, because I’m too busy running my business, managing employees, putting out fires, paying bills, managing my health, and keeping active in the community. I have craft projects that have literally, been sitting in a bin waiting for me to get to them for YEARS. What’s wrong with this picture? Maybe those projects aren’t as important, but I still have them. The problem is I have never scheduled time to complete them because I’m so busy trying to make everyone else happy.

Starting this week, I’m giving myself 2 hours of joy every week. I’m going to call it “Happy Hours.” I’m not allowed to spend my “Happy Hours” working on my business, my employees, my partner, caring for others, or taking care of my physical health.

Happy Hours can only be used for things that bring you JOY. For myself, I’m going to use my Happy Hours being creative: completing those craft projects I accepted years ago, building a puzzle, reading, or journaling.

Challenge Yourself: Schedule 2 hours for yourself, every week. Put it in your calendar, and treat that time as if you would treat a doctor’s appointment or lunch with your best friend. Make your happiness a priority this week. Excuses are not allowed! We can all manage 2-2.5 hours of selfish joy every week. Who’s with me?

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