• Traci Kanaan

Greasing Squeaky Wheels

I feel the negativity everywhere.

I have to watch every word I write.

I have to watch every word I say.

The constant worry that I'm going to offend someone, waiting for someone to go off the emotional deep-end, because I triggered them by simply mentioning "Black Lives Matter" or "Make America Great Again."

Welcome to the Golden Age of "The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease." Squeaky Wheel Syndrome isn't a black thing or a white thing. It isn't a Republican or Democrat thing. But it's a thing, and it's in the way of our progress.

I'll start by telling you I have this friend, and I'm sure you have one just like mine. That "drama prone" friend who constantly posts "Silent prayer warriors needed." "I hate my life." "I am NOT okay." I don't doubt that they're having issues, but they seem to have more than their fair share. The difference is, this friend knows by making a vague post on FB about how horrible and miserable life their life is, that they'll get attention. We being the mostly good people we are, care about them. We flood their post with "It'll be okay." "Stay positive." "You got this." And they know this, because over time, they've learned that drama is the best way to get attention. The squeakier they get about their life, the more we grease their ego with encouraging and uplifting thoughts. Unfortunately, this person never seems to get their sh*t together, because they're hooked on the attention. And we don't dare "not care" about this person, because if we do then we're made to feel like we're a bad person.

We do something similar with celebrities. We reward "celebrities" handsomely for the most "likes" and "follows" on Instagram and Facebook. The squeakier they get with glamorous or outrageous photos, the more we grease them with "likes" and "follows." That translates quite nicely into money, power. and the point where becoming an "Instagram Influencer" makes more money than being a teacher or a nurse. But we follow and like them anyway, because their lives seems much more exciting than our own.

We do the same thing by rewarding the squeaking "media" that sensationalizes whatever view point they wish to promote at the second. There's an old saying, "If it leads." The media often manufactures news (and I'm talking both CNN and FOX) so we follow them wherever they want to take us like thirsty vampires craving a fresh kill. The squeakier the news gets, the more fake blood and gore we're going to see. We follow the media because what they portray as "news" often validates who we are and what we believe in. We look down on "the other people" we read about in pity; poor, ignorant fools blindly following an out of touch ideology or leader.

We have been living in a negative, narcissistic culture for years and it is poisoning our souls to the very core. We are giving our money, attention, and time to the most emotionally and socially starved individuals in our society. They will do or say almost anything for our attention, to increase their wealth and power, and to pit us against each other in the name of the greatest number of followers. Because "likes" and "followers" are far more important than "the truth" or "the contents of our character."

It's time we see these negative forces for what they are, regardless of color, regardless of sex, regardless of political ideology. It's time to change our societal vibration from rewarding those who whine and bring about destruction and despair, to rewarding those that bring positivity and light. It's time to change our societal vibration from what divides us, to what unites us. It's time to change our societal vibration from the blaming of others for our misery to the importance of taking responsibility for our actions and decisions.

It's time to change our societal vibration from hate and fear...into love and hope.

If you're having difficulty finding your pathway to positivity, please contact me at It's who I am, and it's what I do.

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