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Going With My Flow

For the past four years, I've been learning how to "leviwand" and "spin poi." Leviwand, if you've never seen one, is a baton with a string that you hold on to with a finger loop or a ball handle. Poi is two balls (or other objects) on a line or cord, also held with a finger loop or ball handle. To spin poi, you need one ball for each hand. Both are part of a community called "The Flow Arts."

According to

Flow Arts is a general term used to describe the intersection of a variety of movement-based disciplines including dance, juggling, fire-spinning, and object manipulation. The broad category Flow Arts includes a variety of pursuits that harmonize skill-based techniques with creative expression to achieve a state of present-moment awareness known as Flow.

Common forms of Flow Arts include Poi & Staff spinning, hula hoop (or "hooping"), juggling, sphere manipulation (or "contact juggling"), and fan dance. New props and expressions are emerging all the time as flow artists cross-pollinate with martial arts, yoga, circus, belly dance, and beyond.

When I was a kid, I tried hula hooping but couldn't get the hang of it. So I bought a weighted hula hoop because it was supposed to be easier. Whoever recommended that owes me an apology because as soon as that hula hoop hits my right boob, that hula hoop becomes close personal friends with "gravity." As a result, I spend most of my hula hoop workout bending over to pick the damn thing up.  

I found some poi at my belly dance studio and tried them out. Poi - 2 balls are spinning at a high rate of speed around your head. What could go wrong? I missed giving myself a black eye and began searching other flow art videos. I then found this crazy chick with blue hair named Lux Luminous that did leviwand and began exploring "the wand life." I now own 13 leviwands, ranging in price from $20 - $500. I also have four sets of poi, and my favorites are the LED spin balls and the rainbow fur.  

What I like about leviwand and poi is that they can be used with either or both hands, which means your nerve impulses to use these must travel from the right brain to the left and back. When both sides of your brain are busy, you can't worry about bills, your job, your partner, or your kids. Your only job is to keep your leviwand and poi in motion. To keep your props in motion, you must prevent them from hitting others and yourself!   

I love that they've developed leviwands, poi, and hula hoops with LED lights. I'll take my LED wands for extra fun at clubs, dances, and outdoor events. People see the lights whizzing around and become mesmerized. Not only do I go into a "moving meditation" when using the leviwands and poi, but the people watching me often go into a hypnotic trance as well.   

The Flow Arts allow people to become more aware of their bodies by using their muscles to control props through space and time. As a result, people can better focus their minds, hone their physical capabilities, and bring more fun and play into their lives.   Check out some of the resources below and see if you can find your flow!

Flow Arts Resources:

Credits to the Owner of the photo

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