• Traci Kanaan

Digital Weight Loss

The life I am living right now is very different from the life I had less than 6 months ago. And that’s very different from the life I had a year ago. And that’s very different from the life I had 2 years ago, 5 years ago, and 10 years ago.

I’ve had to make some tough choices about the direction my life was going in, and I’ve made them. I had to say “goodbye for now” to several activities I enjoyed, in order to spend that time learning new ways to do what I do better and to communicate that with the world. I still have a lot of learning to do.

This week, I’ve finally admitted to myself that I can’t do it all. Something has to give. And I’ve decided to manage the unmanageable…by un-cluttering my life.

I have a lap top computer so full of documents, videos, photos, and software…it doesn’t run as optimally as it should. Oddly enough, I realized my brain is also full of documents, videos, photos, and software…that it’s not running as optimally as it should either!

It’s time to defrag my computer, and my mind.

I’m cleaning out my emails, and unsubscribing from all kinds of crap I don’t have time to read.

I’m cleaning out my text messages. “Who is this from 2014?” Oh that’s right, it doesn’t matter if we haven’t spoke since.

I’m cleaning up my contacts. Who is John and Mary I met at a conference in 2014? Important enough to get their number, not important enough to remember who they are.

I’m cleaning up my videos. I don’t need moving pictures of my silly life experiences.

I’m cleaning up my photos. No more reminders of my poor food choices.

I’m cleaning up programs. Haven’t used the software in a year? Why did I buy this?

I feel better already!

What can you do simply your life?

Over the next week, set aside 15 minutes a day, and tackle any or all of the following:

Remove 10 apps from your phone or smart tablet that you haven’t used in awhile.

Delete 50 people from your contacts.

Delete 100 documents.

Delete 250 photos.

Delete 10 videos.

Remove 2 software programs from your computer that you haven’t used in awhile.


Notice how good your body feels when you drop a few pounds of digital weight.

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