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Change Your Script - Change Your Destiny

Much of what I do as a hypnotist is helping people correct their self-talk, what I affectionately call "un-hypnotizing my clients." Each week, I hear people say the same things (and these are just a few examples):

  • In relationships, "I always pick losers."

  • In work, "I can't seem to get ahead."

  • In money, "I never have enough money."

  • In confidence, "Nobody likes me."

These people have already hypnotized themselves into believing these things about themselves. My favorite is when they tell me, "I can't be hypnotized." This means they've already hypnotized themselves to believe they can't be hypnotized! This means I have to work twice as hard.

One way to get a jump start on "un-hypnotizing yourself" is by using positive affirmations. You might remember Stuart Smalley on Saturday Night Live back in the day saying, "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like me." Stuart Smalley's affirmations may not be the affirmations you need, but how do you find the affirmations for you? The trick is to pause for a moment and reflect on your weaknesses. What or who would you rather be instead? And that is where you begin forming your affirmations.

Let's change the affirmations in the sentences above:

  • In relationships, "I'm worthy of being loved and easily attract compatible partners."

  • In work, "I am motivated to learn and master the skills necessary to advance my career."

  • In money, "I easily attract abundance and make sound financial decisions regarding my future."

  • In confidence, "I am lovable, easy to get to know, and a great friend to others."

When you start talking to yourself, your unconscious mind picks up on this powerful self-talk, and you begin acting according to what you tell yourself. How do I know this works? If you're one of those people who told yourself, "I always pick losers," were you ever wrong? Nope. You picked losers because your unconscious mind believed it and acted accordingly. Change the script - change your destiny!

You Talk to Yourself Anyway

There is no getting away from it – you talk to yourself every day of your life. We all have an "inner voice" that tells us things. Most of the time, the inner voice will tell you negative things such as "You are not good enough" or "You could never do that." Your inner voice is not bad; you need to train it to work for you instead of against you. By correctly creating your affirmations (more on this later in the guide) and being persistent, you will change your inner voice to support you more. It will not happen overnight, and you must keep at it, but it is certainly possible. So, if you are going to talk to yourself anyway, why not speak to yourself positively instead of negatively? When you recite your daily affirmations, you will start to change your beliefs about yourself. In a short time, you will see yourself in a much more positive light.

You Are The Product of Your Thoughts

Your thoughts determine your actions and create your reality. Everything you have or don't have right now results from your thoughts. If you always think negative thoughts and lack in so many things, you will have a life of lack. Negative thoughts can lead you to take negative or no action at all. If you believe you cannot do something such as a task at work, then you will think of all kinds of ways to get out of performing this task. This is a negative action. But if you believed you could do anything, you would focus on achieving the task in the best and most efficient way and then get it done. Do you see the difference here? You get what you focus on in this life. If you focus on not having things, you will not have things!

Your Affirmations Will Motivate You

Let's say you have set some challenging goals to improve your life (this is always a good idea we strongly recommend). You set yourself daily tasks to achieve and start excited and enthusiastic about the "new you" you are creating. But the last couple of days have been tricky for you. For some reason, you have found it difficult to achieve specific tasks that you need to complete to move nearer to your goals. It would help if you found an excellent way to motivate yourself to keep going and not give up. Reading powerful affirmations when you get up in the morning will give you the additional motivation to get you through tough times. Instead of thinking that you are lazy and always give up, your affirmations will confirm that you will do whatever it takes to succeed.

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