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Big Rocks and Little Rocks

I returned last night from Hypnothoughts, the largest hypnosis conference in the world. I was there to teach three classes: Yoda-Nosis, Psycho Patterns, and Comedy Writing for Stage Hypnotists. I was also there to take two courses from David Snyder; Identity by Design and Vibrational Healing. It was an action-packed two weeks.

Usually, I look forward to Hypnothoughts. I’ve been to 7 out of 11 of these and always enjoy catching up with my favorite instructors. This year was stressful AF. Less than two weeks before the conference, when I tightened up my presentations and got my books printed, I had a “fun thing” for my community pop up. A TV show wanted to come in and film our community, so we put together an impromptu golf cart parade and block party to showcase our community. It took me two weeks to negotiate the contract and then get 100+ residents to sign releases and waivers. The parade and block party were held Saturday night and were very successful. After we cleaned up, Doug and I went home to pack and left a 8 am for Las Vegas. I left with my lesson plans and books nowhere close to being done. I’d have to do them in the evening after my classes.

I finished my lesson plans and books over the next few evenings while trying to honor my body’s limitations. Everything came together without a hitch, but I was disappointed. I procrastinated. Just when I was about to get around to it, something more fun came along, and I worked on that instead of doing what needed to be done for my career. On my way home, I began revisiting my priorities and what was important. I then remembered this video that my business coach Ron Mudge showed me 20+ years ago.

Take time to identify your “big rocks.” Your “big rocks” are physical and well-being, social and emotional health, and personal and spiritual growth.

Once you make time for your big rocks, you can fill your life with the “little rocks,” which inadvertently or unintentionally divert you from your life’s purpose.

Since returning, I’ve spent the last few days identifying my little rocks while prioritizing my big rocks. I have adjusted my schedule to ensure I make for the things I enjoy most and for the tasks that will get me the furthest along my “golden path.”

I invite you to take on the “big rock” challenge! Identify 3 things you want that always seem to get pushed to the side because “something else comes up.” Once you’ve identified it, make time in your schedule for it. That’s right! Open up that calendar app and COMMIT to it by scheduling an appointment with yourself.

For example: If one of your “big rocks” is your kids, set aside 2 hours and do an activity with them. If one of your “big rocks” is more time for yourself, set aside 2 hours and do something for yourself. If one of your “big rocks” is your health, take 30 minutes and plan yourself a healthy meal or go for a walk.

I look forward to hearing what “big rocks” you made time for this week!

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