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a note to myself

Today’s blog is for myself. I’m in the midst of some major life changes. While I’m confident everything will be okay in the end, these next few months are going to be critical for myself and my partner. We’re both being pushed beyond our limits in many ways, and it’s important we stay focused on our end goals so we don’t get overwhelmed by the numerous little speed bumps and potholes that just pop out in front of us when we least expect it.

I’ve decided to take a step back this morning, and look at myself as if I were sitting in my chair as my client. I’m telling myself some things I need to hear…and maybe some of you need to hear this too! So here we go…

You didn’t get this way in 2 hours. It’s going to take you longer than 2 hours to fix it.

Type A personalities like myself hate hearing this, yet it’s the truth. Not everything can be done by snapping your fingers or wishing it to be fixed instantly. Take a step back, and allow the circumstances to be an opportunity to learn something valuable about yourself. Set up some guidelines on how to handle the issue to the best of your ability. When you’re done, review the situation so you can prevent that situation from happening to you again in the future. Life is a learning process, not a series of win/lose situations.

If your problem was a person…who would it be?

We just moved, and my house looks like an episode of “Hoarders.” I have no idea where I’m going to put everything. And when I asked myself if this problem was a person…the answer was my mother and to a certain extent, my father. And then I started laughing. Now I know exactly who and what I’m dealing with! I realize I have some work to do on myself, so I thank my parents for showing me the burden of having too much stuff and take steps to ensure I never do this to myself again.

Does it spark “joy”?

As I’ve been sorting through our life and belongings, there are somethings that when I pick them up, bring me a sense of shame, guilt, or sorrow. Why do I have these things? Sometimes they were given to me by someone I cared about, but the thing itself is not something I’d use or enjoy. Taking a cue from author Marie Kondo, if it doesn’t spark “Joy,” then thank it for the role in your life it had, wish it well, and dispose or sell it. Life is too short to be surrounded by things that don’t bring your joy!

Work on one task at a time. Set smaller goals and remember to reward yourself when they’re completed.

My partner and I are in the midst of juggling about 50 different projects. All of them needed to be done yesterday, and none of them are getting done quick enough. Every time we tackle one of our tasks, 10 more “surprise” tasks need to be done in order to complete the original task. It can be very frustrating. Instead of discouraging ourselves with what isn’t done yet, we need to remind ourselves what we HAVE completed. We need to remind ourselves how well we’re doing all things considered, and then we need to reward ourselves in a positive way.

Schedule 15 minutes each day either writing in or reading your happy journal.

Happy Journals are designed to rewire your mind for the positive, so spending 15 minutes a day reminding yourself of your past successes and happy memories make for a better day. Write down your little victories in your Happy Memories tab, and review your goals in your Goals and Dreams tab. Affirm and declare your intentions for the day. Do this in the morning and start your day off right.

Well, it’s time to get on with my day. 2nd cup of coffee is being brewed, a few moments with my Happy Journal…and off I go to begin my day with a fresh approach, and peace of mind.

Want to know more about a Happy Journal? Click here:

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