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5 Daily Rituals That Support You Living A Genuine Life

Updated: Aug 30

I spent this past weekend evaluating several programs designed to scale up my business. I’d see a program that looked like it was the most amazing thing ever, and while it said it offered a key feature I wanted, it didn’t. This must’ve happened 7 or 8 times. I’d give them my info, start plugging things in and then I’d look for the scheduling features and they just weren’t there. This got me thinking about the FAKENESS that is everywhere in our society.

We turn on the news (doesn’t matter which network, BTW) and we are only shown the news that network wants us to see, and through the lens they want us to look at it. Advertisers bombard us with the products they want us to buy, and only show us the positive features of buying their product. We turn on social media, and we are only shown the side of people’s lives that they want us to see, and through the lens they provide us to look at it.

I lived this life many years as a comedian. You want people to think you’re a successful comedian. You only post photos of the sold out shows, and you downplay the shows you drove 8 hours one way and there were only 4 people in the audience. “Can’t show blog about that show or post those photos. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m a failure!”

I can say now I’m living my most genuine life. Doug and I live at a nudist resort, where people may not necessarily love their bodies, but they learn to accept their bodies because there’s no way to photoshop them in real time! After 25 years of dying my hair black, I dyed my hair for the last time in January of 2022. It finally grew out, and thanks to my stylist I have a cute hairstyle and my hair is a beautiful blend of whatever it was supposed to be this whole time. I’m even wearing less makeup…and my body is thanking me for it.

Perhaps now’s the time to start living a more genuine life! Maybe it’s okay to abandon the glamour, adventure, and duck face photos so you can spend your time living in the moment and not giving a fuck about what you want the rest of the world to think about you. You can easily start this by changing your daily rituals, and introducing some new ones which will help support your new life.

1.Wake Up Early

Although it can be difficult, a number of studies have shown that the most successful people wake up before dawn. In fact, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, reports that he is regularly up at 3:45am. It may seem pointless, but getting up early will give you back some control over your life as you won’t feel as if you are battling the clock as much to get things done. You can also allow time for some additional morning rituals to help you day start out right.


Now that you are waking up early, you’ll finally have time to schedule some uninterrupted meditation time. According to the Health Encyclopedia, things such as worry, anxiety, and stress can have deep lasting impacts on both your physical and mental health.

And one of the easiest ways to combat these emotions is by meditating for a few minutes each day. Meditation has been shown to lower your blood pressure, better your immune system, and improve your mood. So, if you are serious about living a more genuine life, start setting aside at least 10 minutes for meditation each day.

3. Plan Your Day

It can be difficult to stay on task and accomplish everything you need to do in a day if you don’t have everything planned out. The best way to do this is to make a list of all your goals for the day right when you wake up. Then cross things off as you go along. This will help you to stay on task better and accomplish more than you would without a plan. Experts recommend scheduling your screen time as well, as this can help you realize how much time you spend scrolling through things which have no effect on your life.

4. Unplug Yourself For A Period Of Time

Once you’ve started scheduling your screen time, you may find that you spend way too much time during the day in front of screens. If this sounds like you, then it’s definitely time to unplug for a bit. You can schedule this time into your daily plan each morning. And then during that time, instead of surfing the net, you can exercise, meditate, or read.

5. Read

Speaking of reading, it is an incredibly important ritual which will help you lead a more genuine life. Not only is reading good for the mind as it expands your mind and improves your vocabulary, but it has also shown to help lower both blood pressure and chronic stress.

Famously successful people, such as Bill Gates, report that they read at least a book a week. Of course, this might be a little much for you just starting out, but aim to read for thirty minutes each day. Try to read nonfiction books if you can, to make the most of your reading time, but fiction books can also be added into your reading every now and then.

Overall, although the road to leading a genuine life may seem difficult, it actually isn’t that hard at all if you adjust your daily rituals. Start first by waking up early, meditating, and planning your day. Don’t forget to schedule some time to unplug, and consider spending this time reading instead. Before you know it, you’ll come to enjoy your daily rituals and enjoy living a genuine life.

And about that program to scale my business…I did find one! If you’re a client, be on the lookout for some amazing, positive changes in how I interact with my clients!

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