You did it!  You're a non-smoker!

Treat yourself with extra savings!

Detox Facial!

Kayla Neese, Aesthetician

Now that you quit smoking, treat yourself to younger looking skin with a detox facial!  CALL KAYLA at 727-871-1007 and mention you quit smoking at Wings Hypnosis!  Reg. $65.

New house?

Doug Crenshaw, Realtor

Maybe your house smells so bad from smoke you just need a new house?  Investor friendly realtor (and Traci's boyfriend) can help you find new digs.  He also knows a thing or two about quitting smoking; Traci got him to quit after smoking 1-2 packs a day for 32 years.

Clean carpets!

Freedom Green Clean

Get rid of that smoke smell from your carpets!  CALL DAVID at 727-895-2310 and mention you quit smoking at Wings Hypnosis and save 15%!


L. Brent Sterling, WARMTH, LLC

Treat yourself to a massage - only $35!  Brent is amazing, up on the latest techniques and has been doing massage for many years. 

Car Detailing!

Right Direction Auto Care

Get rid of that smoke smell in your car!  CALL ALLEN at 727-608-6019 and mention you quit smoking at Wings Hypnosis!  Save 10% on your auto detailing service.

If you have a service that would appeal to a new non-smoker and would like to advertise here, contact Traci at

Wings Hypnosis, LLC welcomes ALL people with an open heart and mind regardless of gender orientation, political views, religious affiliations, or belief systems.  Hypnosis is a co-operative partnership between the client and the facilitator to create change in both the conscious and subconscious space.

I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Lifestyle Coach, not a Licensed Medical Doctor or Mental Health Professional.

Hypnotherapy services performed are non-therapeutic and not intended to take the place of professional counseling, medical, or psychological care and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment of any condition.   I do not work on pain or diagnosed mental or physical conditions without the referral from a licensed practitioner of the healing arts per Florida Statute Section 485.   If you are under the care of a medical professional for any condition for which you are seeking hypnosis support, please obtain a signed, written referral from your provider prior to engaging me and moving forward with related sessions.

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