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Imagine the changes you can create with your clients as they laugh at their old problems.  Seriously!  Laugher is dissociative. The moment we laugh at something, we look at it a different way.  Learn how to break bad trances and create lasting changes in your hypnosis and life coaching clients...with laughter!  Have more fun than you've ever had taking your hypnosis and life coaching clients from "boo hoo" to "HA HA," quickly and easily.

Week 1:  Overview of The HAHA!, Demonstration, and discussion on why humor is so effective in creating lasting changes.

Week 2:  The Mighty Magical Intake!  The foundation for transformation, using the same system comedians use to write jokes.

Week 3:  Set It Up, Punch It Out!   Using the basic joke writing formula "Set Up, Punch," learn how to "set up" your clients so you can punch out their problems. 

Week 4:  Funny Bones!  Learn how to get big laughs and even bigger client breakthroughs, even if you don't think you're funny.

Week 5:  NLP Hacks!  The Circle of Excrement, The Blind Zucchini, Hypno Super Hero, and other ways to lock in the changes.

Week 6:  Tying it all together!



Hilarity And Hypnosis Approach

The Hilarity and Hypnosis Approach is designed to teach hypnotists, hypnotherapist, and mental health professionals to break bad trances and create lasting changes with laughter.


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