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Wings Gallery

People do business with people they know and people they like.  Please enjoy this collection of professional and personal photos, so our perspective and current clients can get to know the woman behind Wings Hypnosis.

Wings Hypnosis, Breaking Away

Many of our clients are "held back" by chains that were forged early in life. Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can help break those bonds so you're free to fly.

Tampa Bay Hypnosis Hangout sq

Held monthly, The Tampa Bay Hypnosis Hangout is attended by hypnosis enthusiasts from all over the world.

Traci speaking at Kiwanis Club

18+ years as a comedian...if your group needs a fun and engaging speaker, look no further than Traci Kanaan! She can speak on many topics, please inquire.

When I was single from 2015-2018, I went on 8 dating websites and began receiving emails from men who wanted to date me. This book shows hundreds of the emails I received and my humorous responses back.

Traci Kanaan, Owner of Wings Hypnosis

Traci Kanaan, owner of Wings Hypnosis. Certified Hypnotist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Sexual Freedom Hypnosis Practitioner, Chinese Face Reader, NLP Basic, NLP Master, NLP Trainer, and Smoking Cessation Specialist.

Thelma and Louise

I am a therapy human for these two lovely ladies, Thelma and Louise. They were my mother's cats before she passed away in 2017.

Doug Crenshaw & Traci Kanaan

Doug is my therapy human! If the office looks amazing, he's responsible!

Traci speaking at the St Pete Kiwanis Club

Traci Kanaan speaking to the St Pete Kiwanis Club about hypnosis. Ask Traci about Wings Hypnosis community outreach.

Roadside America Stop at A Christmas Story house in Cleveland, OH

One of my favorite things to do is go to (or the Roadside America app if you have an iPhone) and find unique, quirky places to visit all over the country. This was one of our stops in Cleveland, OH. Doug watches A Christmas Story every year, so a stop at the house where the movie was filmed was a must.

Carol Kanaan

This lovely lady is my mom, and the photo was taken on Mother's Day of 2015.

Traci performed at The Orleans Casino in Las Vegas

Traci has done comedy for over 17+ years. She recently performed at The Orleans Casino in Las Vegas for Hypnothoughts 2019, and saw her name in lights! If you're going to overcome your fear of public speaking, who better than a stand up comedian to help you?

Gallagher and Traci Kanaan

I had the pleasure and opportunity of opening for Gallagher when he performed in St Petersburg in November of 2015. He's quite a character!

Scrabble Nerds & Sewing

They had a Back To School night on a cruise we went on, so I made us Scrabble nerd school boy and school girl outfits. Don't tell anyone I know how to sew. Truth is I am a SCRABBLE nerd girl. Total word freak.

George and Carol Kanaan, my parents

My parents, George and Carol Kanaan. Still inspiring me to be my best even through they've both passed away.

Charm Bracelet Heart of Memories

When my mother passed, she left me 2 charm bracelets. They were too heavy and too noisy to wear, so I cut the charms off and glued them to this heart. Each one of those charms is a memory, and now I can enjoy her jewelry without having to wear it!

Christmas Lights

Boyfriend Doug has, well, what we call at Wings Hypnosis a Christmas Lights "out of control" behavior. He loves Christmas lights, that what you don't see in this picture, is that his lights are synchronized to over an hour's worth of music!

Gerry A T-rex at Stonehenge.

Doug and I travel with a dinosaur they named Gerry A. T-Rex (pronounced geriatrics). It started as a joke when they were in New Jersey for the day waiting to fly to England for a cruise. They began taking pictures of him wherever they went, and he started getting a little following. You can follow Gerry’s Adventures on Facebook:

Doterra Wellness Advocate

Essential oils are incorporated into almost every session. Clients can pick the scent they choose for their session.

You don't feel the weight of something until you feel it's release.

You don't feel the weight of something until you feel it's release. Truth! This picture reminded me of myself when I first saw it. I wanted to fly so badly, but was tied down. Hypnosis has been the best way to cut those ties so I could fly.

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