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The problem isn’t YOU.  The problem is how you THINK about you!   

Conquering the
Critic Within

Uncover the unconscious disempowering thoughts that ultimately affect your life in negative ways and then transform them into self-empowering mantras.  Find yourself leading a life filled with self-love, happiness, and successes beyond your imagination.  Over 6 weeks, we will study the following:

Week 1

How you mind works, and why Mindfulness, Meditation, and Manifestation are not the answer.  Each one of these words attempts to bring to the conscious mind a way to manage (or un manage) our thoughts.  Each concept sounds amazing, but what do each of these words REALLY mean?  What do they REALLY do for us?  Do they REALLY work?  Is one better than the other?  This discussion will dissect the meanings of these concepts, so you can discover and choose the role each of these has in your life.

Pink Lotus Flower
Buddha Statue

Week 2

Doomed from the Womb / Self Talk Language Hacks:  What we think about, is what we become.  So, what, EXACTLY, are you telling the universe you want?  Do you want to be “less stressed” or  would you rather be “more relaxed?”  So many people are stuck in a rut, because they have no idea how negative and destructive their own thoughts are and through no fault of their own.  NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming is study of how successful vs unsuccessful people talk to themselves and think.  By learning and adapting these same speech and thought patterns, you can begin to transcend beyond the belief systems that are keeping you stuck.

Week 3

Someone did you wrong…and now you’re muddling your way through a series of unfulfilling relationships and you can’t figure out why.  This week, we’ll look at how our unconscious beliefs affect our relationships with those around us, and how we can turn that frown upside down!

Holding Hands

Week 4

Money is the root of all evil…money can’t buy happiness…so why the heck are we so worried about money?  This class will analyze your beliefs about money so you can stop attracting poverty and start earning what you’re worth.

Week 5

Stop bullying yourself, and start loving that person in the mirror!  This week you’ll uncover the unconscious beliefs about your body and looks.  Begin to love that beautiful soul you see in the mirror, and encourage yourself to be your best!  We’ll spend a few minutes in this class on the ancient art of Chinese Face Reading, using facial features to uncover how people think and operate in the world.

Home Room Decor
Spiral Stairs

Week 6

Here’s where you take everything you’ve studied these past few weeks and put them together!  You’ll learn the basics of self-hypnosis, and then you’ll take all the suggestions you’ve collected over the previous weeks and put them into a powerful script for a self-hypnosis recording, guided meditation, or daily affirmations.

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