The Sensual Series

As the #1 Female Entertainer in the Lifestyle, and performing for Swingers, Nudists, and BDSM enthusiasts for the last 10 years, Traci learned a lot about “The Lifestyle.”  “The Lifestyle” is the term used by swingers to describe their ethical non-monogamist ways.  Whenever Traci was asked where she performed comedy, she would tell them Swinger Cruises and Nudist Resorts.  People always had 1000 questions (or 1000 wrong impressions) for her about swinging and BDSM.  Most of the people “IN” “The Lifestyle” can’t talk about their experiences with others for fear of losing their job.  Since performing for this niche market IS part of Traci’s job as a comedy, she designed this series of classes so singles and couples have a resource where they can learn the myths and misconceptions about The Lifestyle, and how to minimize the impact on their current relationship by testing the murky waters slowly.  For couples and singles who wish to protect their identity completely and not attend a class, Traci also offers private Lifestyle consultations by appointment.


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