LIFE COACHING Life Coaching Sessions: Ashley employs compassionate, non-judgmental listening skills to help you create, align, and achieve the goals you set for yourself using various coaching techniques sometimes in combination with NLP, EFT, and some LifeForce Yoga techniques. At times hypnosis may be added if it is the right fit and the client agrees. (To schedule an appointment with Ashley for LIFE COACHING, click here:) Traci’s background as a 20+ year small business owner with a background in sales, stand up comedy and hypnosis makes for a dynamic blend of goal setting and fun setting. Traci may employ NLP, Hypnosis, and Hypnotherapy to eliminate blocks regarding fear, money or success. She also uses her 16 years as a comedian to help sales presenters and educators become more confident and their presentations more entertaining. (To schedule an appointment with TRACI for LIFE COACHING, click here:)

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