Our Staff

Traci Kanaan

Traci KanaanTraci integrates her training as a Certified Hypnotist and Certified Hypnotherapist with her 22 years as a business owner and entrepreneur and 16 years on the road as a stand up comedian. A hypnotist since 2014, Traci freely incorporates any number of 30+ different hypnosis and healing modalities in her sessions to get her clients to the next best version of themselves in the least amount of time. In addition to helping professional presenters Punch Up! their presentations, she is also a Chinese Face Reader and Lifestyle Consultant to Couples who are interested in expanding their sexual horizons. READ MORE





Ashley Lynn Caputo

Integrating Hypnosis, Yoga, Reiki, and Life Coaching, Ashley transforms clients into their true state of wholeness, aligning body, mind, and soul with various modalities. Ashley is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, and doTerra Wellness Advocate. Teaching from a gentle heart, Ashley enjoys sharing her gifts assisting others on their personal integrative journeys while fostering a nurturing space for each and every individual.




Doug Crenshaw

After 32 years of being a smoker, Doug stopped smoking after 2 hypnosis sessions. He worked in food and beverage management for the past 30 years (25 of those with Disney), and was looking for a new career and decided Hypnosis was it! Doug is a Certified Hypnotist, and has been helping others become non-smokers for life ever since. An avid golfer, Doug is also looking to help others improve their golf game through Hypnosis.





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We are located at 5149 Central Ave, St. Petersburg FL 33710

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